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Welcome at Jeanne d’Arc School

At Jeanne d’Arc School our mission is to introduce our students to the pleasures of learning and to forge intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness. Our school is based on a beautiful campus near the centre of Civray and consists of two sections: a combined infant and primary school (ages 3-11), and a college (ages 11-15). We have 160 primary students and 200 secondary. Jeanne d’Arc School is doctrinally Roman Catholic but is a place where everyone is welcome.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to supporting the specific needs of each student. In order to foster self-esteem, kindness, a strong work-ethic and autonomy, we offer personalised support to enable students to develop successfully at their own pace. Our educational team includes teachers, support staff, families, external speakers and religious instructors, and provides a supportive yet rigorous learning environment.

We organise regular events and activities for both sections of the school, to uphold our “Living Together” values: respect, tolerance, solidarity and sharing. We also hold events in which parents and grandparents are invited to participate, establishing a vibrant local community animated by the spirit of the Gospel. Collectively these events help to create a strong sense of family within the school.

Non French-speaking students are warmly welcomed at Jeanne d’Arc School and we provide extra lessons in FLE (French for speakers of other languages) to realise their learning potential. The goal of these lessons is not only to provide the comprehension, expression and confidence that students need to get the most out of their other lessons but also to facilitate their social integration.

How it works…


Infant school – Ecole maternelle

Children can start “Ecole Maternelle” from two years old, as long as they are potty trained and enthusiastic to attend. At Jeanne d’Arc School we take the time to meet you and your child, to listen to your hopes and needs, and to ascertain whether the family as a whole is ready to take this big step. We recommend that children attend for half-days initially as it is a big transition and can be very tiring for the little ones. Once they have found their feet they are able to benefit from attending for full days. A typical day will look like this: parents bring their children into the cloakroom and help them out of their outdoor clothing, say goodbye and then hand over to the teachers. This provides a smooth transition from family to classroom.
The children enjoy various activities throughout the day, all of which are grounded in play (drawing, painting, physical learning, music, water play). Lunch takes place in the school room, rather than in the larger school canteen. After lunch there is a nap, and children are usually read stories in the afternoon. Children also have access at various times of day to the Maternelle playground, in which there are many games, scooters, tricycles, a sand box and climbing apparatus to enjoy. At this stage in their schooling each child has a lot of choice over what they do in the classroom. The emphasis is on discovery and learning through play. 


Times for Ecole Maternelle
  • Pre-school childcare available * : 7.30-8.30
  • Morning session : 8.30-11.45
  • Lunch : 11.45-12.45
  • Afternoon session : 12.45-16.15
  • After-school childcare available * : 16.15-19.00

* extra cost

Primary – Ecole Primaire

In the French school system formal education in maths reading and writing starts at six years of age. At Jeanne d’Arc School we build our school days around the formal requirements of the national curriculum while always keeping our students’ fulfilment and wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do.
In the primary section, mornings are dedicated to these more academic pursuits and to equipping our students with the tools they need for effective learning. Afternoons are spent engaging with the arts, sports and citizenship.


Times for Ecole Primaire
  • Pre-school childcare available * : 7.30-8.30
  • Morning session : 8.30-11.45
  • Lunch : 11.45-13.45
  • Afternoon session : 13.45-16.15
  • After-school childcare available * : 16.30-19.00
  • Supervised homework time available from 6 years of age * : 16.30-17.30

* extra cost


Students can join the college at 10-11 years of age, and stay until they are 14-15 years old. At this level we maintain a sense of family, and keep our students focused, by limiting our numbers to approximately 25 students per class and to two classes per year/grade. Most classes take place in the room dedicated to the class itself – it is the teachers who move, not the students. This optimises learning time and creates continuity for the students. 
In the afternoons the students have an opportunity to enrich their academic learning with a wide range of activities including creative arts, choir, bridge, circus and theatre arts: the list goes on. There are regular exams and students and must keep their standards high to progress to the next school year. At the end of College students sit the Brevet exam. Extra academic support is offered to those students who seem in need of it.


On Wednesday afternoons the Association Sportif provides a wide range of sports clubs including swimming at the well-equipped local swimming pool, circus arts and team sports.
Our theatre workshops provide students with the opportunity to cultivate their performance and communication skills, boost their self-confidence, hone their teamwork skills and, most importantly, have great fun. Every year the students have a chance to take part in a large theatre production performed at La Margelle theatre in Civray. In 2018, we performed the musical The Chorists which was a great success. Throughout the year school outings are also organised to broaden yet further the perspectives of the students and for the
enjoyment of experiencing more of the world they live in. These are generally a few nights away and can be in France where they will typically be a cultural visit or an outdoor activities centre. Trips to Spain and English-speaking countries help students gain confidence in their language speaking abilities, broaden their cultural awareness and give first hand experience of exactly why it is so beneficial to learn a foreign language.


Times for College
  • Pre-school childcare available * : 7.30-8.30
  • Morning session : 8.25-12.10
  • Lunch : 12.10-13.25
  • Afternoon session : 13.25-16.25
  • Individualised teaching and homework support * : 16.40-17.25

* extra cost


Some useful information…

Wednesdays are a half-day and students go home at their respective lunchtimes.
(Maternelle & Ecole: 11.45; College: 12.10)
Children either have a school lunch in the canteen or they can go home for lunch – there isn’t the option for children to bring packed lunches. The meals provided by the canteen are comprised of 3 courses and are nutritionally balanced and varied. The education of the palate is taken as seriously as the education of the mind, body and soul.
Parents must take out annual insurance – called ‘assurance scolaire’ – in order for their children to attend school in France, which costs approximately €10 per year.
Children attending school in France do not wear school uniform.
For a more in depth overview of the French education system including examinations and qualifications please visit: https://www.expatica.com/fr/education/Education-in-France_101147.html
For more information on tuition fees please click here.